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RFID Turnkey Solutions

We combined key attributes of two companies to provide the best RFID, Barcode, and Electronic Database Solutions in the nuclear industry. Alphasource® is the leader in designing and supplying FME and drop prevention products to the nuclear industry worldwide. Northern Apex is one of the leading System Integrators in the USA for RFID and Barcode design, development, and deployment. Their customer base includes many of the Fortune 500 companies as well as leading technology companies.

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By combining the best attributes of both companies, this has resulted in a unique solution designed specifically for the Nuclear and Fossil Power Generation Industry. We are able to offer our customers world-class solutions in RFID, asset tracking, and supply chain functions. Our solutions are very easy to use, intuitive in nature, robust, modular and fully customizable to satisfy the needs of each site or fleet.

We are truly helping to transform the nuclear industry from an analog, hand-written platform to a state of the art digital platform. We have incorporated over nine years of OE gained from our Toolsaver® RFID deployments into our latest offerings. Our first nuclear customer, PPL Susquehanna (now Talen), has been using the FME and IT modules successfully for that time period and has helped us refine our solutions through continuous improvement.

Insights and operating experience gained from Duke, Exelon, Talen, First Energy and others are now a part of our latest solutions. Let us show you how our Toolsaver® RFID System can help your station dramatically lower operating costs. From reduced man-hours, reduced tool losses, reduced dose, instant reconciliation of logs and more, these savings are all a part of our Toolsaver® RFID Solutions.

Ask us about other RFID applications that may interest you:

  • Warehouse Control & Tracking
  • High Dollar Asset Tracking
  • C-Van Inventory
  • RP
  • Document & Work Package Flow & Tracking
  • Chemistry
  • Fire Protection
  • Valve Maintenance
  • Security
  • Machine Vision Implementation

Labor Hours Saved

  • 26233

    Outage Hours Saved

Video Demonstrations

FME Zone Check-In - RFID Tagged Tools
FME Zone Check-In - Application View
FME Zone Check-Out - Application View


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RFID & FME Zone literature sheet

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Cloud-Based Alternative

Security concerns at Nuclear Power Plants prompted the development
of a Cloud based alternative to installing software on the networked computers of our customers.

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The Nuclear Power Industry has always been security conscious and in today’s current geopolitical environment, maintaining security requires constant vigilance. Plant staff is understandably leery of allowing outside vendors to install software on Nuclear Power Plant network servers. Alphasource and Northern Apex understand these concerns and can provide a cloud-based alternative that does not compromise the integrity of your network while also allowing you to access our world-renowned data collection and management solutions. Using the guest Wi-Fi, which already exists safely sequestered from your network, and a PC that is not on your network to load our software on, you can access your data from the Cloud. Our cloud-based solution simplifies the data access process, while using the built-in, already approved, security of your existing guest network.

Alphasource Customers

Alphasource Partnering with Northern Apex

Northern Apex is one of the leading System Integrators in the USA for RFID and Barcode design, development, and deployment.
Their customer base includes many of the Fortune 500 companies as well as leading technology companies.

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Chief Technology Officer Rick Raber Portrait
Rick Raber
Chief Technology Officer
Northern Apex

Rick has been involved with successful manufacturing & field support systems design and development for more than 30 years. Included in this experience is a 20-year tenure as CTO at Northern Apex Corporation. Rick has lead Northern Apex’s engineering team to create electronic designs, complete RFID/automatic identification solution integration, and has provided total engineering and technology management.

Career Highlights
  • System architect of the solution that won the 2015 APICS Innovation Award of Excellence
  • Testimony before the House Subcommittee on Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Security
  • Recognition as a subject matter expert in the physics of RFID and its application to the fields of property and asset management, retail jewelry, pharmaceutical, life sciences, RTLS and manufacturing
  • Project Manager for several FDA validated, item and case level pharmaceutical product RFID tracking projects
  • RFID site survey and needs analysis
  • Project design and management responsibility for hundreds of fielded, multi-frequency, active & passive RFID solutions (125/134.2 kHz, 13.56 MHz, 303/433 MHz and 900 MHz) since 1999
  • RFID application expertise from conceptual design and development to deployment of software, hardware, and tag packaging
  • Engineering team management for a multi-platform technology solution provider
  • Communications/networking infrastructure analysis and design
  • Handheld, kiosk and complete production line design and RFID deployment experience

Northern Apex Technology Partners

FME Zone

It is vital that all equipment is accounted for as it enters and exits an FME Zone. Keeping track of the equipment can be a daunting task, as many plants log tools/equipment manually (by writing all of the information down in a log or other analog record).

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Toolsaver® RFID Tool Tracking and Accountability Solutions provides the flexibility to be used in virtually every environment, whether it is a tool crib, modular storage or other means of securing inventory of critical supplies.

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Toolsaver® RFID technology is a natural fit for M&TE storage areas. Inventory control, check-in/check-out functions, NIST traceability of calibration data are all functions that can be automated with our Toolsaver® RFID System. Combined with our FME Zone Module...

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