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Fire Extinguisher Inspection

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Fire Extinguisher Inspection

There are typically a thousand or more fire extinguishers at a nuclear power plant. They have to be inspected on a monthly basis. The date, time, condition, location and ID of the inspector all have to be recorded. This is typically done on 3x5 cards or in a notebook. That information then is usually transferred to a database by manually typing the information. This methodology is time-consuming and error-prone.

The Alphasource RFID system utilizes a handheld reader that automatically records all of the needed data. The system also provides positive proof that each location was actually visited. After all of the locations have been visited and scanned, a simple sync of the handheld with the database completes the procedure.

The man-hours saved can be substantial. Human error is virtually eliminated.

Benefits of Alphasource® Fire Extinguisher Inspection:
  • No more manual typing or writing
  • Reduced errors
  • Reduction in man-hours
  • Positive proof of inspections