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workers checking in tools before entering a foreign material exclusion zone

FME ZONE - Alphasource ToolSaver FME Solution

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It is vital that all equipment is accounted for as it enters and exits a FME Zone. Keeping track of the equipment can be a daunting task, as many plants log tools/equipment manually (by writing all of the information down). Our Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) solution will eliminate the overwhelming task of logging each and every piece of equipment, by automatically identifying each piece as it enters and exits the zone; and instantly and accurately reconciling equipment logs.

Toolsaver® FME Solution is a materials, asset tracking and loss minimization system designed to track tools, spare parts, materials, MRO items and other supplies with unparalleled accuracy and confidence. Our software, developed specifically for the power-generation workplace, utilizes RFID, bar coding and other technologies to reliably and instantaneously transfer information to a powerful system for tool and equipment user accountability.

Benefits of Alphasource® Toolsaver® RFID FME Tracking System:
  • RFID tagged tools are auto-identified when scanned
  • Paper “check-in” forms and logs and manual reconciliations are eliminated
  • Automated FME logs drastically reduce logging errors
  • Quick and accurate inventory/reconciliation of tools in/out of FME Zones
  • Links tool history with worker ID badge or work group
  • Decrease tool shrinkage
  • Data redundancy ensures reports are safe and archived
  • Track tools, equipment & personnel by work package
  • Easily expand RFID use to embed and track “maintenance” and calibration history of tools for critical plant components and simplify compliance reporting
  • Reduce time of employees and supplemental workers passing through the FME Zone

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