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Lifting and Rigging

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RFID Nuclear Lifting and Rigging

Lifting and Rigging assets are required to be inspected on a yearly basis, at the minimum, for fitness for duty. Many nuclear sites use color-coding to identify which units are suitable for use during specific time periods. This color-coding is attached by hand to each unit. This can take days or weeks to accomplish. In addition, many sites use index cards as their method of archiving the inspection data. These are handwritten and subject to errors and loss.

The Alphasource Toolsaver® RFID solution can greatly streamline this procedure. A simple peel and stick RFID tag is attached to each unit and, by using a hand-held RFID device, all the required data is written to the tag as well stored in the database. All of the required data such as inspection date, expiration date, in-service date and more can be stored in the memory of the tag as well as in the database.

The hand-held device, when selecting units for a task, will read that data. That data will also be read at any RFID enabled FME Zone entrance. So, if a unit goes out of date after it has been removed from the lifting and rigging storage area, there is a second line of defense as the unit will not be allowed to enter that zone.

The Toolsaver® RFID System also eliminates the need for handwritten logs of inspections. All of the data written to the tagged units and all of the data read by the handheld can be easily synced with the RFID database for storage, archiving and reporting.

Benefits of RFID Nuclear Lifting and Rigging:
  • Reduces human error
  • Reduces man hours
  • Helps improve overall safety
  • Adds a second layer of security with RFID enabled FME zones
  • Eliminates the need for color-coding which is labor intensive
  • Eliminates handwritten logs