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Warehousing Control

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Warehousing and Distribution Control

Automated Identification (Auto-ID) applications can provide corporate information systems with the identity of each physical item in the supply chain in an automatic and timely manner, providing the perfect automated warehouse solution.

The real-time availability of item identity allows other information related to the item to be drawn on in order to assess both the current state of the product and future actions required. Installing Auto-ID as a replacement of your current system, or in a more limited way at the most critical points in the supply chain, is an opportunity to overhaul and improve tracking and tracing systems and inventory management.

Directed Put Away and Location Accuracy

Bottlenecks in the production process can impact a company's ability to be responsive and timely to a customer's needs. This can damage the trust and relationships that are most crucial to the success of a business. The Northern Apex Directed Put Away and Location Accuracy solution allows for increased accuracy and efficiencies in the receiving process, reduced labor costs, reduced waste, and can help to improve the performance in Warehousing, Shipping and Receiving, and Distribution networks.

Order Accuracy and Load Sequence, ASN and Chargebacks

By RFID tagging your product or taking advantage of previously tagged products, you can verify each item in a box/case/pallet. Our RFID solutions can automatically create a ship list and an Advance Ship Notice (ASN) to let your customer know what is in the shipment and that it's on its way. If chargebacks are a problem for your company, RFID can virtually eliminate them by automatically comparing the order with the ship-list before it leaves your facility. This will allow you to alert the customer of the changes to the order, or make the changes, so chargebacks don't occur.

Benefits of RFID - ASN/Chargebacks:
  • Automatically print ship list
  • Create ASN (Advance Ship Notice)
  • Ease order routing and fulfillment
  • Reduce/virtually eliminate chargebacks